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Unplug your kids

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I thought I’d share this wonderful blog with you which posts ideas of activities to do with your children as opposed to hours of screen time.

Within my service I already try to limit the amount of time spent watching television, or on the computer or consoles.

Once a month Mom Unplugged posts a theme, for example Beach, Haiku or Red. Readers of the blog then posts links to their own sites, sharing anything they have done related to the theme.

I’m really looking forward to following this blog, choosing fun activities within the theme to do with the children, and sharing our ideas with other people.

The sun has got his (rain)hat on.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Despite the rain we’re still enjoying the summer holidays. We’ve been exploring every indoor activity available! Plenty of exercise at local soft play areas and lots of imaginative play with the dolls house, farm animals. I have a budding abstract artist here as well who enjoys scribbling on paper with his eyes shut. An insteresting technique I’m sure Saatchi will be fascinated by!

We had a wonderful time this week visiting the local fire station with the other childminders in town. I’m not sure who had more fun – the kids or the grown ups. I certainly had a scream when I was allowed to have a shot of the hose.

Next week sees the older kids head off to a Holiday Club. I’m looking forward to some one-to-one time with the youngest member of our gang.