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Finished cakes, a jigsaw and HSM!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Yesterday we finished icing and decorating our fairy cakes. Don’t they look fabulous! The kids had lots of fun and made a terrific mess but it all cleaned up easily.ICEDCAKES3



While the icing set we did a wonderful jigsaw of the world with little animals to place in the part of the world from which they hail. We had a great time finding out where all these animals come from. We discussed what sort of habitat the animals live in, whether they flew, swam or walked, whether they had feathers, fur or scales and discussed the weather in their part of the world. The children loved it so much that as soon as we finished, it was taken apart and put back together immediately

When we’d finished exploring the world through the jigsaw, as it was cold and wet outisde, we all settled onto the sofa to enjoy High School Musical.

All together now.. “What team? WILDCATS!!”



We’ve already been busy this week

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Our firework display from last week has morphed into a lovely autumn display with hedgehogs and sunflowers. Next week it will be turning into a Thanksgiving-Harvest display with handprint turkeys and harvest baskets.

Photographers: 3 children aged 3,5 and 5!




After some lovely wintery afternoons last week which meant we were able to get out into the park to collect leaves, discuss the beautiful autumnal colours and spot squirrels in the park, we have returned to dark, wet and windy weather. While this means we can’t get outside it is an excellent reason to stay inside and bake!!


We’re going to decorate these with icing and sprinkles tomorrow. Watch this space for pictures of the finished products!!


Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Hi and welcome to Kathleen Bell Childminding.

I hope this site will tell you a little more about my service and let you see the fun children have while in my care.